Community Voices

NSU Art Museum’s Community Voices program focuses on exploring social and racial inequalities and challenging social structures, including representation at museums. Although NSU Art Museum has consistently featured women, Latin American, Black and LGBTQ+ artists, it has deepened its commitment to addressing social injustice strategically, and is analyzing how its exhibitions, programs and outreach can contribute to a more just society.

This multidisciplinary program embraces topics of identity, migration, and race and provides populations in Broward County with a voice, recognition, and healing by identifying sources of injustices and providing a forum for expression that celebrates diversity and inspires empathy.

With a goal of serving broad, diverse and inclusive audiences, Community Voices features free, multidisciplinary performances by artists working at the intersection of art, culture and social justice that address issues surrounding gender, race and identity. Museum performances are supplemented by interactive workshops at locations throughout Broward County.

Community Voices grew out of NSU Art Museum’s successful A Sense of Pride initiative (launched with funds provided by the Broward Community Foundation in 2018), which utilizes art to bring awareness to issues of identity and race that affect the LGBTQ+ community.