Press Release

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — November 20, 2021 — NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present Beyond the O.K. Corral: David Levinthal, Wilson J. Tang, and YumeGO from November 20 through February 20, 2022 at NSU Art Museum. The exhibit will become downloadable and accessible anywhere via the YumeGO app beginning during Miami Art Week (November 30, 2021).

Beyond the O.K. Corral is an interactive Augmented Reality exhibition by renowned photographer David Levinthal, Wilson J. Tang (special effects art director, video gaming designer, and a founder of YumeGO, the first AR “Experience Browser”) and the YumeGO team, commissioned by NSU Art Museum. The AR exhibition allows participants to step into Levinthal’s iconic photograph Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (2014) that was inspired by the Western movies of Levinthal’s youth in the 1950s.

The exhibit utilizes museum-grade scanning technology and augmented reality to create a game-like 3D immersive diorama for people to enter. It is enhanced with Levinthal’s commentary, giving participants an insight into the creative thinking of the artist, encouraging them to find their own meaning beyond the surface imagery.

More than just passively observing a photograph from a fixed point of view, the AR experience gives viewers freedom to determine their own point of views and heightens their awareness to the power of the image to become a part of cultural memory and mythology. Levinthal and Wilson conceived this project as an evolution from the traditional single point of view of photography into a new medium more suitable for our digital social era where we are hyper-saturated with infinite points of views. Interactivity further enhances the experience, turning the viewer into an active participant in the act of creation.

In addition to showcasing the AR experience, the NSU Art Museum exhibition documents the production process and features the original diorama that was the model for the AR experience.

Sponsored by Ming Chan.