The Daily Act of Art Making

Solo Exhibitions: Jaime Grant, Elizabeth Thompson, Matthew Carone

February 25, 2024 through August 11, 2024


This program presents three concurrent solo exhibitions of South Florida artists who have dedicated their long careers to the daily act of art making. The featured artists are Matthew Carone (born 1930, lives and works in Fort Lauderdale), whose daily-executed gestural abstractions have made him a mainstay in the South Florida art scene; Panamanian artist Jaime Grant (born 1965, lives and works in Miami), who on the day he turned 50, believed he was visited by a spirit who drove him to create more than 5,000 paintings and to build machines that reflect the struggle between good and evil; and long-time South Florida resident, Elizabeth Thompson (1954-2023), who produced commanding canvases of mysterious narratives, including a series of landscapes based on the Florida Everglades, which form the cycle of mural-scaled paintings in her solo show at NSU Art Museum.

Elizabeth Thompson, Beach Show, 2016. Thompson Family Collection.
Matthew Carone, Jacob and the Angel (TangoIV), 1998. Reproduced with permission of the artist.

Interview with Matthew Carone